Annie Mar


Annie Mar


Annie is an illustrator and multi-disciplinary artist focused on capturing the magic and mundanities of daily life. Her drawings are fed by current social and political climates in Ireland, as well as nature and interconnectivity between peoples, landscapes and creatures. 

Going To Seed

Going To Seed is a reference to the derelict buildings and the plant life that now inhabits them. Weeds are often seen as something to be eliminated from the environment, eyesores in an otherwise pleasant garden. But weeds are mostly native plants and flowers, they are indicators of healthy ecosystems and they have been used by people for centuries in a lot of different ways. 

On the inspiration behind the exhibition, Annie comments:

“With this project I want to honour Cork’s heritage buildings and the life that has breathed  in and out of them. These buildings have nurtured the city’s industry, they have contributed to Cork’s history and they continue to remind us of the stages our city has lived through. Their uses have changed over the years and they have been havens for artists and local communities, for dockers and drinkers. Buildings are more than just a shelter or a place of work, they are spaces where people gather. Over the years the people have left these buildings but now they are filled with a more elemental energy. Plants, nature, and wildlife occupy these premises. They are not “empty buildings”, not really, they are filled with another kind of life. This project isn’t just about making a point about developers and construction in the city, it’s also about a fascination with how cities change and the importance of nature inhabiting urban spaces.”