ZootGhost is an Irish Illustrator, Skateboarder, Painter, Animator, Life hacker and meme creator. 

His work pokes fun at pop culture and offers good & bad life advice, sarcasm and dark humour. 

Notes To Cork x Zootghost

Notes To Cork x Zootghost an outdoor exhibition of humorous and thought provoking billboards. Billboards with a difference. All posters were integrated with Augmented Reality that could be easily viewed by the public by using the camera on their mobile phone. Each artwork was brought to life by using the easily downloadable Artivive App, the viewer could scan the artworks like a QR Code and watch the hidden animations. This was a first of its kind campaign for Cork and possibly Ireland. 

On the inspiration behind the campaign, Zootghost comments: 

“ZootGhost is for the people. What better way to reach as many of them as possible than via billboards. It’s taking a platform normally used to sell people things, to now inspire them. This is why the Notes To Cork’s PiPs are the perfect collaboration. Their vision of reimagining these information panels into inspiration panels, is the backbone of this collaboration. I want people to see my work and enjoy it so much that they want to share it with others. Whether this is done via taking a photo/video to be shared on social media or by physically bringing someone to the location to share the experience with them.”